Construction Machinery Casting

The company is specialized in exporting various types of construction machinery weights to Japan, Europe, the United States etc.for more than 30 years. There are many sets of medium-frequency electric furnaces and sand processing equipment.We can achieve the products with high yield by our unique resin sand auto-molding line-up and the automatic turnover facilities. The annual capacity is 100,000t,and max.single construction  machinery casting weighs 10t.Furthermore, the company implements modern management ,combining with advanced technological processing  and testing instruments to achieve reliable high-quality product and reputation for our customers.

Medium-frequency electric furnace
9 set
Molding machine Line
5 Set
Cleaning room
72 unit
Painting room
10 unit
Casting facilities

Medium-frequency electric furnace

Dust removal system

Shot blasting machine

Molding Machine Line

Foundry workshop

Molding Machine Line

Shot blasting machine

Sand Mixing Machine

Sand processing machine line

Medium-Frequency Electric Furnace

Medium-frequency induction furnace

Foundry Advantages
Large-Scale Production
Basing on the advanced resin sand auto-molding line-up and many large medium-frequency electric furnaces, the company can produce different types of products to meet the diversified and personalized needs of customers, like large-quantity purchase requirements for our customers.
Specialized Castings Production
In the process of pouring, the strength gradually increases, which is effectively able to ensure the dimensional accuracy of castings. When the casting starts to cool and solidify, the sand's strength decreases rapidly, then becomes easy to blast.
High-Quality Castings Support
The casting process and casting environment are closely related to the high quality casting products. The production is combined with the casting mechanical analysis and testing process to ensure the high rigidity and thermal stability of the castings.
High efficiency
From wood molding ,processing to the production scheduling, we can support one-station casting production and provide customers with reliable casting products by specialized composition analysis.
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